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Help is need on H.R. 1707 (Prison Rape Reduction Act)/font>

Help is need on H.R. 1707 (Prison Rape Reduction Act) Of the 37 members on the House Committee on the Judiciary, only four of them are currently co-sponsors of the legislation. There is still time to contact your Representative and ask them to sign on to H.R. 1707. (If your Representative appears on the list below, we need you to contact them regarding H.R. 1707!) Committee on the Judiciary 2138 RHOB Washington, DC 20515-6216 (202) 225-3951 Republican 1. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., WI, Chairman 2. Henry J. Hyde , IL 3. Howard Coble , NC 4. Lamar S. Smith , TX 5. Elton Gallegly , CA 6. Bob Goodlatte , VA 7. Steve Chabot , OH 8. William L. Jenkins , TN 9. Chris Cannon , UT 10. Spencer Bachus , AL 11. John N. Hostettler , IN 12. Mark Green , WI (already a co-sponsor) 13. Ric Keller , FL 14. Melissa A. Hart , PA 15. Jeff Flake , AZ 16. Mike Pence , IN 17. J. Randy Forbes , VA (already a co-sponsor) 18. Steve King , IA 19. John R. Carter , TX 20. Tom Feeney , FL 21. Marsha Blackburn , TN Democrat 1. John Conyers Jr., MI 2. Howard L. Berman , CA 3. Rick Boucher , VA 4. Jerrold Nadler , NY 5. Robert C. Scott , VA (already a co-sponsor) 6. Melvin L. Watt , NC 7. Zoe Lofgren , CA 8. Sheila Jackson-Lee , TX 9. Maxine Waters , CA 10. Martin T. Meehan , MA 11. William D. Delahunt , MA 12. Robert Wexler , FL 13. Tammy Baldwin , WI 14. Anthony D. Weiner , NY (already a co-sponsor) 15. Adam B. Schiff , CA 16. Linda T. Sánchez , CA This piece of legislation is unopposed. With a few letters, phone calls, and emails, we should be able to convince every Member of the committee to sign on as a co-sponsor. Who could possibly be in favor of prison rape? (For more information on this legislation, visit Stop Prisoner Rapes web site at www.spr.org.) This message has been forwarded to you as a courtesy from AdvoCare, Inc. If you do not wish to receive any further messages from this group, please send a reply email to director@advocareflash.org with 'Please Remove' in the subject line. Also, if you would like simply a daily digest of emails sent to this group or you would like the ability to access stored emails without being on this list, please sign up with http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/AdvoCareInc, but still be sure to send a removal request