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Robert Sanders

Dear FedCURE Board of Directors, members and friends:

I received a most disturbing telephone call on June 21st, from federal inmate named Robert Sanders. He was released on 17 June 2003, by the Federal Bureau of Prisons from FMC Rochester to CCC placement at the Fahrman House in Eau Claire, WI., after serving twenty-eight (28) calendar years in federal prison. The BOP gave him $50.00 to start a new life. Many thanks to all those who immediately sent help and donations to Robert. He still needs our help

At the time, Robert was HIV positive, had Hepatitis B and colon cancer. He had no family, no friends and no money. He had been medically assigned for the last 10 years while incarcerated because of his medical conditions. Recently, Robert was told that he would have to undergo open heart surgery. And his halfway house placement is over with. He is now on parole.

This man helped my father and I ship out 2500 pounds of legal materials when we were released from FCI Miami, Florida, last June--dollied 42 boxes to R&D for us. He is a good man. Please let us all pitch in and help Robert out. God only knows what he must be going through mentally after being incarcerated for 28 years. The transition must be traumatic. Now with the upcoming heart surgery, he is going to need every ounce of help he can get during his recuperation and continuing reintegration.

Robert turned to FedCURE for help. Because this was and is such an extraordinary case, in that, Robert was incarcerated for 28 years and has no family or friends to support him through the reintegration period; and his upcoming heart surgery, I believe this action to be appropriate and I appeal to you all to assist this man in any way you can.

PLEASE, PLEASE, send whatever assistance you can to:

Mr. Robert Sanders
c/o Federal CURE
P.O. Box 15667
Plantation, Florida 33317-1731

Kindly notify me of your action soonest, so I can coordinate this FedCURE effort, maintain an accounting of your assistance; and advise Robert what to be expecting from us and when he will receive it.
God bless

Sincerest Regards:

Mark A. Varca, CIO
Federal Cure, Incorporated
Web Site: http://www.FedCURE.org

E-mail: CIO@FedCURE.org
E-fax: (413) 702.6301

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