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Action Alert
Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
Request For Propoals (RFP):  Residential Re-Entry Program
Solicitation Number: RFP-NAS-0171-2006
This is the first opportunity for you and or your faith based organization to submit offers to operate one or more pilot prisoner re-entry programs for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) intends to make multiple awards for the provision of single-faith, residential re-entry programs at one or more pilot site institutions.  Please see summary of the BOP's Request For Proposals (RFP) below.  If you have an interest in submitting proposals for this RFP, or possible partnerships, please contact Director@FedCURE.org  for further information. 
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General Information

Document Type: Presolicitation Notice
Solicitation Number: RFP-NAS-0171-2006
Posted Date: Mar 13, 2006
Original Response Date: May 01, 2006
Current Response Date: May 01, 2006
Original Archive Date:
Current Archive Date:
Classification Code: G -- Social services
Naics Code: 624190 -- Other Individual and Family Services

Contracting Office Address

Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons, Acquisitions Branch, 320 First Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20534


RFP-NAS-0171-2006.     The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) intends to make multiple awards for the provision of single-faith, residential re-entry programs at one or more pilot site institutions.     The pilot sites will be announced through the issuance of the solicitation for these services.       Prospective offerors shall be permitted to submit proposals for any number, or all of the pilot site locations.     The BOP reserves the right to place an award for services at one or up to six of its designated institutions based upon evaluation of proposals, but each site will accommodate only one program.

The purpose of the residential re-entry program shall be to facilitate personal transformation for the participating inmates, and thereby reduce recidivism through promoting the virtues of productive work, respect for others, self-worth, responsibility, and accountability.     The program shall encourage re-connection with family and community, and the development of healthy and productive habits of living.     The program shall match inmates with personal mentors and a faith-community, community organization, or support group at their release destination to promote successful reintegration (i.e., employment, housing, avoidance of recidivism, etc.).    

There are ten program goal areas, which are as follows: 1) Daily living; 2) Mental Health; 3) Wellness; 4) Interpersonal skills; 5) Academic; 6) Cognitive; 7) Vocational; 8) Leisure time; 9) Character; and 10) Spiritual development.     These program goal areas are intended to foster successful rehabilitation and reintegration into the community in order to reduce the likelihood of recidivism.     The contractor shall develop a curriculum that demonstrates consistency with program goals and outlines how the contractor plans to incorporate program components that foster growth in the ten program goal areas.     The contractor shall provide sufficient staffing to cover a rigorous schedule, including both daytime and evening programming during the week and on weekends for up to 150 inmates per institution.

The contractor shall make available, on a non-discriminatory basis, a single-faith, residential re-entry program consistent with the requirements of the solicitation.     The manner and method in performing the tasks outlined in the Statement of Work are the sole responsibility and within the sole discretion of the contractor, provided that the contractor performs in accordance with the Statement of Work.

The NAICS Code for this acquisition is 624190, and the requirement is issued on an unrestricted basis.     A pre-proposal conference is anticipated and shall be announced in the cover letter to the solicitation.     A Firm-Fixed-Price Indefinite Delivery type contract with a one-year base period and four one-year option periods is anticipated for each site.

The solicitation will be made available on or about March 27, 2006, and will be distributed solely through the General Services Administration?s Federal Business Opportunities website, http://www.fedbizopps.gov.     Hard copies of the solicitation document will not be available.     The website provides downloading instructions.     All future information about this acquisition, including solicitation amendments and pre-proposal conference information, will also be distributed solely through this website.     Interested parties are responsible for monitoring this website to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information about this acquisition.       The anticipated date for receipt of proposals is May 1, 2006, and the anticipated date of award is July 31, 2006.     Faith-based and community-based organizations are encouraged and have the right to submit offers/bids equally with other organizations for contracts for which they are eligible.

Point of Contact

Kristy Beck, Contract Specialist, Phone 202-616-6150, Fax 202-307-1146, Email k1beck@bop.gov - Jan Johns, Contracting Officer, Phone 202-307-0985, Fax 202-307-1146, Email jjohns@bop.gov

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