Federal Inmate Population Average 150,000+/- people.
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Have you or someone you know been sent back to prison as a result of a technical violation of parole or supervised release?

As part of an ongoing project that will expand the article written by Harold Wooten and published in the Winter 2003 edition of the WWW.FEDCURE.ORG Newsletter, FedCURE is looking for persons who have been returned to prison as a result of a technical violation of parole or supervised release in the federal system.

We want to determine the unintended consequences of returning persons back to prison because they experience problems that result in the PO issuing a technical violation or they relapse into substance abuse (but have not committed new crimes). We are looking for the insider's perspective of how this plays out.

If you are a past or current inmate who this has happened to we want to hear from you. We are interested in the details of your technical violation that resulted in you being returned to prison. We want to know what negative effects a technical violation has had on your life. Please include the answers to the following questions in your response:

1. How much time did you spend in prison on your original sentence?

2. What was the nature of the technical violation?

3. How long were you returned to jail/prison/CCC as a result of the technical violation?

4. What was the impact on your family? How did it specifically affect them?

5. What was the impact on your job and income? Did your employer hold your job for you?

6. In retrospect, what do you think would have helped you resolve your problem/issue that resulted in the technical violation?

7. To what degree was your probation/parole officer helpful or unhelpful?

8. Instead of returning you to prison, do you think that designation to a facility such as a halfway house, hospital, residential substance abuse program would have provided you with a better opportunity to address the issue that resulted in your violation? If so, why?

Please send us your written comments either via email to director@fedcure.org or by mailing them to us at the above address. If you know someone who has experienced a technical violation, please forward this to them. You may also post this to any websites where you think it will be seen by those interested in the federal criminal justice system.

Thanks for your help!

Dr. Kenny H. Linn