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02 July 2004

I wanted to give you an update on Jeffrey and ask that the alert be removed from the Web site. [FedCURE] and many others worked very hard for Jeffrey and I appreciate that very much. I was able through some congressional leaders to be introduced to Bryan Pownall in the BOP medical office. Bryan helped me with Jeff's medical issures and was very good to us. He was able to get Jeff to the Medical Center in Lexington, KY and into the RDAP program. Our prison system would be very lucky to have many staff members just like Bryan. He is my hero. Jeff is out of the prison system now and is working and doing well. He was released on May 21, 2004.

Please reply to my message and do let me know that you have deleted his information from the Web site.

Thank you and good luck in your work.

Gayle T. Johnston

Dated: 29 April 2004

Thank you for your concern for Jeffrey. He is doing ok. God has sustained him thru of all this even though there were times when we did not think he would make it. He is currently scheduled to complete drug school on May 21st and is to leave the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, KY and will go to a half way house in Florence, SC. He was so in hopes he could find a job before he got there but that has been a difficult thing to do. We are still praying that God will open the door and someone will hire him. They would have a good worker. He has been working in the Library, teaching English and Math and tutoring GED grads but has been happy to have the work to keep him busy. Please join us in praying for a job somewhere. He has to have a 40 hour a week job and I just know there is one out there somewhere.......

Thanks for caring. Let me hear from you again soon.

Gayle Johnston

I will tell Jeffrey that you asked about him. HE will appreciate your caring.

Dated: February 8, 2003

Date of Alert(s): January 25, 2003, September 21, 2002

ISSUES: Medical Neglect of Federal Inmate with Muscular Dystrophy and extraordinary complications


Jeffrey Johnston Reg #97497-071
Estill FCI, P.O. Box 699
100 Prison Road
Estill, SC 29918


On February 6, 2003, Jeffrey Johnston?s mother, Gayle, contacted Federal CURE with the news that Jeffrey had been transferred that day from the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) in Estill, SC to Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Lexington, KY.


1. Jeffrey Johnston be immediately examined by independent medical specialists, including a neurologist and a pain management specialist, to assess and treat his conditions, including but not limited to abuse or neglect on the part of FPC Estill and or the FBOP. Inmate Johnston was taken to an independent neurologist for an examination in October, 2002.

2. Jeffrey Johnston be immediately provided with all testing, treatment, medication, and any other medical recommendations made by these independent medical specialists, including but not limited to pain management and physical therapy. Further, the FBOP provide Jeff the level of care as recommended in the opinions of Dr. Schwartz-Watts in her comprehensive medical evaluation. The opinions were based on 15 years? medical records and notes from duly licensed physicians, specialists, medical centers and hospitals. Although Inmate Johnston was taken to an outside neurologist, the FPC Estill medical personnel, despite very specific written recommendations, did not perform any of the medical procedures/tests recommended by that neurologist.

3. The FBOP immediately determine the availability of bed space at either FMC Butner, FMC Lexington or FMC Rochester and affect an immediate transfer of Jeffrey Johnston via a medical transport. Although Inmate Johnston was told in November, 2002 that he would be transferred to FMC Lexington, that transfer did not occur until February 6, 2003.

4. The FBOP provide Jeff clear copies of all medical records, including lab results for the period of January 2002, his medical intake at FMC Butner, through to the present. Inmate Johnston has only received a partial copy of medical records from the BOP. These records did not contain copies of his lab reports.

5. The FBOP conduct an investigation into the conduct of all FPC Estill medical staff that have been involved in the absence and or refusal of appropriate medical treatment in contravention of community standards for medical care, international human rights conventions, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons? own policies. The BOP has not publicly stated whether or not they would conduct an investigation into the negligence of the FPC Estill medical staff.

6. The FBOP investigate and correct the violations of their own policies and procedures set forth in specific Program Statements that ensure prompt, consistent, competent medical care for all inmates. We are not aware of any initiatives to address the violations of BOP Program Statements by their medical personnel, and

7. The Regional Office of the Bureau of Prisons in Atlanta, Georgia, take immediate responsibility for assuring that Jeffrey Johnston receive the same standard of care at FCP Estill that he would receive if he were an unincarcerated member of the Estill, SC community. This simply did not occur despite repeated requests to the BOP.


1). Send Jeff an encouraging cards or letters to let him know that people are aware of his condition and care about him. You can also e-mail copies of your letters to his mother.

Jeffrey Johnston, #97497-071
Lexington FMC
P.O. Box 14525
Lexington, Kentucky 40512

Gayle Johnston, his mother

2). Visit our website at www.fedcure.org and learn more about Federal CURE's advocacy work on behalf of federal inmates and their families. You can help us assist federal inmates by becoming a member of Federal CURE. Membership information is available online at www.fedcure.org or by contacting us at Federal CURE, Incorporated, P.O. Box 15667, Plantation, Florida, 33318-5667.