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Ion Spectrometer Records

File Date:  19 April 2010 | Update: 01 April 2014


Federal Cure (FedCURE) v. Lappin

No. 07-843, 2009 WL 692159 (D.D.C. Mar. 18, 2009) (Walton, J.)

Re: Records concerning use of ion spectrometer scanning at BOP facilities

Fee waiver: It is uncontested that the requested information concerns an identifiable operation or activity of the government, and that plaintiff lacks a commercial interest in the information. Plaintiff "analyzes and synthesizes technical information" for its on-line discussion group, and has shown that it will disseminate the requested information "'to a sufficiently broad audience'" of those interested in the subject. The fact that plaintiff does not distribute printed materials is not a bar to its claim, and its "website, [online] newsletter and chat room are an adequate means of disseminating information." Furthermore, plaintiff's "stature as the largest advocacy group for federal inmates . . . lends credence to its position that a substantial number of individuals have and will continue to access its newsletters, chat room services and daily news updates." Finally, given the limited amount of information concerning ion spectrometry currently available, "any dissemination of information regarding the BOP's use of [it] will enhance the public's understanding of the technology."

FedCURE has obtained the records set out below after prevailing in the above styled case against the Federal Bureau of Prisons, to release the records pursuant the FOIA.  See:  http://www.fedcure.org/information/250205-FBOP-FOIA-PA-ION.shtml The bureau would not release the records without FedCURE paying $3,976.00 and would not grant FedCURE a FOIA fee waiver and FedCURE sued.  Consequently, the bureau paid $40,742.50 in FedCURE's attorneys fees and $585.64 in other fees and costs.   

FedCURE invites the public to examine these records and to contribute to the analysis that would provide evidence to support the premise that the Ion Spectrometer machines are unreliable and therefore the Federal Bureau of Prisons must discontinue using the machines at all federal institutions.  Please send your comments and or findings to FedCURE at: http://www.fedcure.org/contact.shtml.     

Please note:  Information has been redacted by the bureau claiming certain FOIA exemptions.  The bureau may have to produce the redacted information at a later date.  Additional records are forthcoming and we will publish here.  

FedCURE Notice:  Ion Spectrometry Device Program ~ Federal Bureau of Prisons: COMPLAINTS | PROCEDURES, see:  http://www.fedcure.org/documents/FedCURE_Notice-Ion_Spectrometry_Device_Program.shtml.

For Bureau Policy and Procedures on the Ion Spectrometry Device Program see:  http://www.fedcure.org/documents/5522_001-IonSpectrometryDeviceProgram.pdf



First FOIA Production  08 January 2010:

  1. 1-FedCURE_v_Lappin-FOIA-ION-CoverLetter-Production-080110.PDF
  2. 027_98.wpd
  3. 5522_0011 Ionizer Procedures.wpd
  4. Bastrop.PDF
  5. Big Sandy-R.pdf
  6. BIG-05-03326 LOGrcd-R.pdf
  7. BIG-05-03326 LOGrcds-ION-R.pdf
  8. BIG-05-03326 Part 1_IONrcds-R.pdf
  9. BIG-05-03326 Part 2_IONrcds-R.pdf
  10. BIG-05-03326 Part 3_IONrecds-R.pdf
  11. Butner.pdf
  12. Chicago.pdf
  13. CRW-05-0-3326-ION-Rcds-1.pdf
  14. CRW-05-03326-ION-Rcds-2-R.pdf
  15. CRW-05-03326-ION-Rcds-3-R.pdf
  16. CRWFedCure FOIA ION LitigationFORM.doc
  17. Devens-R.pdf
  18. Dublin.pdf
  19. El Reno-R.pdf
  20. Englewood-R.pdf
  21. Fort Worth-R.pdf
  22. Ion Program procedures.wpd
  23. Ion Track Request.wpd
  24. ION.shw
  25. IT3 TM001017r3 IT3 Maintenance .ppt
  26. IT3 TM001018r3 IT3 Administration.ppt
  27. La Tuna-R.pdf
  28. Lewisburg.wpd
  29. Lompoc Low-R.pdf
  30. Lompoc Med-R.pdf
  31. Los Angeles-R.pdf
  32. Marianna.pdf
  33. McCreary-A.xls
  34. McCreary-B.doc
  35. McCreary-C.wpd
  36. Miami-R.pdf
  37. Milan-R.pdf
  38. National Ion Docs Gilmer Set 1-R.pdf
  39. National Ion Docs Gilmer Set 2.pdf
  40. National Ion Docs Lee-R.pdf
  41. NCRO-R.pdf
  42. NERO.pdf
  43. New York-R.pdf
  44. Oakdale FCI-FDC-R.pdf
  45. Otisville-R.pdf

Second FOIA Production 26 March 2010:

         (PDF format)

  1. 04-10-08-IonSpectrometry
  2. 04-24-08-GE-states-corrected-false-positive-is
  3. 08-23-06 BP-100(AF1)Itemizer2fromBMM-to-BMP
  4. FCC-Beaumont(L)(C)-ALCOHOL-ION---01-2004-04-2007
  5. FCC-Beaumont-ION-purchase
  6. FCI-Beaumont-Reports-R
  7. Phoenix-02-R
  8. Phoenix-03-R
  9. Phoenix-04-R
  10. Phoenix-05-R
  11. Pollock-R
  12. Safford
  13. San Diego-R
  14. Schuylkill-R
  15. SEA-05-03326-ION-Records-1-R
  16. SEA-05-03326-ION-Records-2 Manual
  17. SeaTac
  18. Terminal Island-R
  19. Terre Haute-R
  20. Texarkana-R
  21. Three Rivers-R
  22. Tucson-R
  23. USP-Atwater-Jan-2004-R
  24. USP-Atwater-Feb-2004-R
  25. USP-Atwater-March-2004-R
  26. USP-Atwater-April-May2004-R
  27. USP-Atwater-June-2004-R
  28. USP-Atwater-August-2004-R
  29. USP-Atwater-September-2004-R
  30. USP-Atwater-Oct-2004-R
  31. USP-Atwater-Nov-2004-R
  32. USP-Atwater-Dec-2004-R
  33. USP-Beaumont-DOC
  34. USP-Beaumont-DOC(2)-R
  35. USP-Beaumont-DOC(3)-R
  36. USP-Beaumont-DOC(4)-R
  37. USP-Beaumont-DOC(5)-R
  38. USP-Beaumont-DOC000-R
  39. USP-Beaumont-ION-machine-Info-R
  40. Victorville

      (Power Point Presentation)

  1. Slides-I3-Maintenance
  2. Slides-I3-Operator
  3. Slides-IT2-OperMaintenance4-14-02
  4. Slides-V2Administrator
  5. Slides-V2Maintenance
  6. Slides-V2Operator-no-verify-drugs
  7. TM001016r2IT3-Operator
  8. TM001017r3IT3-Maintenance
  9. TM001018r3IT3-Administration
  10. TM001028Rev1Admin
  11. TM001038-rev-2MaintenanceVT2
  12. ION         


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