Federal Inmate Population Average 150,000+/- people.
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February 25, 2005


Bureau of Prisons

320 First St., NW

Washington DC 20534

Attention:  FOIPA Unit


This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act as amended (Title 5 USC Sec. 552) in conjunction with the Privacy Act (Title 5 USC Sec. 552a).


I wish to obtain 1) all information about the accuracy of the ion spectrometer scanning method and the number of visitors turned away at all BOP facilities (by facility) because of the results of the scanning method since institution of its use, 2) all information relating to the training methods used for personnel operating this equipment and staff comments as to these methods and 3) all records of equipment failures and repairs.


If all or part of my request is denied, please list the specific exemption(s) which is (are) being claimed to withhold information.  If you determine that some portions of the requested material are exempt, I will expect, as the Act provides, that you will provide me with the remaining non-exempt portions.  I, of course, reserve the right to appeal any decision to withhold information and expect that you will list the address and office where such an appeal can be sent.  As provided in the FOIA, I will expect to receive a response within ten working days.


Pursuant to Title 28 USC Sec. 1746, I declare all information herein is true and correct to the best of my information and belief under penalty of perjury.





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