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E-Mail and Letter Campaign

Administrative Detention Inmates Need Your Help!

Please! E-mail or write to Harley G. Lappin Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons

See FedCURE's letter below:

02 August 2004

Mr. Harley G. Lappin, Director
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW
Washington, D.C. 20534

E-mail: hglappin@bop.gov

Subject: ITS 400 Holiday Minutes for SHU (AD) Inmates

Dear Mr. Lappin:

Members and supporters of the FedCURE organization thank you for granting the increase in telephone minutes to federal inmates from the 300 minute per month allotment to 400 minutes per month during the months of November and December. This additional telephone time is instrumental in strengthening family relationships.

However, It has come to our attention that the federal inmates placed in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) due to an Administrative Detention Order (not due to disciplinary violations) are still receiving only one telephone call per month during November and December.

As outlined in PS 5270.07, Chapter 9, "Administrative detention status is a non-punitive status in which restricted conditions of confinement are required only to ensure the safety of inmates or others, the protection of property, or the security or orderly running of the institution." These inmates are in the SHU for protective custody, pending a disciplinary hearing, or are being held over for transfer to another institution. They have not been found in violation of institutional rules. We have been informed that in some institutions there are numerous inmates in SHU for a significant number of months prior to a voluntary transfer.

Pursuant to PS 5270.07, the "Conditions of Administrative Detention" require that, "if consistent with available resources and the security needs of the unit, the Warden shall give an inmate housed in administrative detention the same general privileges given to inmates in the general population."

We hope that you can extend the spirit of the holiday season to the inmates in Segregated Housing Units under an Order of Administrative Detention by increasing the number of telephone calls they can make commensurate with the increased telephone time granted to the inmates in general population for the months of November and December.

Thank you for considering this request and may you have a joyful holiday season.


Kenny H. Linn, J.D, L.L.M., 

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to Increase Good Time Allowances

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