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Symposium on
Alternatives to Incarceration

Restorative Justice

Video: Resolve to Stop the Violence Program (RSVP) 

Restitution, Rehabilitation, Prevention, and Transformation: Victim-Offender Mediation for First-Time Non-Violent Youthful Offenders - by Nancy Lucas  in Hofstra Law Review (reprinted with permission)

Restorative Justice:  An Alternative To Traditional Criminal Justice (Bonta, J., Wallace-Capretta, S., & Rooney, J. (1998). Restorative Justice: An Evaluation of the Restorative Justice Project. (User Report 1998 – 05). Ottawa:  Solicitor General Canada.) (reprinted with permission)

Defense-Based Victim Outreach:  Restorative Justice in Capital Cases by Kristen F. Grunewald and Priya Nath (reprinted with permission)

“All But Death, Can Be Adjusted”:  Recognizing Victims’ Needs in Death Penalty Litigation, by Pamela Blume Leonard, in NACDL’s The Champion (reprinted with permission)

Resolve to Stop the Violence Program: Reducing Violence through a Jail-Based Initiative

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