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Symposium on
Alternatives to Incarceration

Federal Problem Solving Courts
(view from the court)

United States District Court for the District of Oregon Interagency Agreement for the Creation of an Alternative Drug Court for Handling of Supervised Release and Probation Violations

United States District Court For The District Of Massachusetts Interagency Agreement For The Creation Of C.A.R.E. (Court Assisted Recovery Effort) For Handling Of Supervised Release And Probation Violations

CARE Eligibility Checklist

District of Massachusetts:  Court Assisted Recovery Effort

Problem Solving Courts in the Federal System

CARE Program Summary

Program Eligibility Guidelines

CARE Phase System

Substance Dependence v. Substance Abuse As Related To Participation in CARE

Re-Entry Independence through Sustainable Efforts (RISE) Pamphlet

Re-Entry Independence through Sustainable Efforts (RISE) Booklet

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